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Master enameller, Dominique Baron

The company decided to use pure black dials when it moved to its current Meyrin premises. Although it sounds easy, it's actually quite difficult because you have to make a flat surface that doesn't ripple.replica breitling watches Baron came up with a solution that even Stern Cadrans couldn’t.

Dubuis was an enamel dial enthusiast. "I've always loved enamel but I think I am more passionate about the art of enamel than the object itself. This is a result of my restoration days, when I had an occasional enamel dial to repair. I needed to learn and discover a lot about enamel during this time.

Life cut short

Baron's death in 2012 was a devastating blow for the industry. Revolution recalled that she was one of the most respected enamelartists of her time. Furley recalls that she first met Dominique in her tiny workshop at the Manufacture Richard Mille Replica Watches, where she was encased in glass. She would return to her door and spend her days grinding enamel powders with apestle, mortar,Replica Patek Aquanaut Orange Replica painting miniature works of art on her dials, and praying that her kiln would be kind to her work.

It was difficult for her to learn how to enamel the curved dials of Richard Mille Replica Watches MuchMore collection. Armed with a degree in art from Strasbourg University, and a little experience in enameling at Jaeger-LeCoultre,Baron perfected her craft through trial, error, dedication and a ton of patience. Her art took Baron more than two years to master, in particular the Geneva technique of enameling. This involves 15 to 20 layers transparent enamel and as many firings as you can handle. She persevered and learned about enamel the hard way, which gave her the confidence to continue experimenting.

Dominique Baron, Manufacture Richard Mille Replica Watches: A selection of dials

After leaving Manufacture Richard Mille Replica Watches she moved her talents to DeLaneau where she created some amazing pieces. She also designed a series of enamel butterflies dials and a variety of pieces specifically for female watch enthusiastsbreitling replica watches She decided to go it alone in 2007, and quickly attracted some of the most prestigious luxury brands around the globe.

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