Colour Coated Metal Sheets & Coils

Colour coating is a continuous and highly automated industrial process of coating the substrate metal with a protective layer of paint. MCMIL produces superior quality colour coated products that combine the strength of the metal with the aesthetics of the paint while enhancing it’s corrosion resistance at the same time. Advanced processing and coating techniques ensure that the coating adheres firmly to the base metal and does not peel off during roll forming, bending or any other process. A 'two coat-two bake' process that involves two steps of coating and baking after the sheet has undergone pre-treatment helps us ensure a superior quality product. The substrate metal is first coated with primer to allow better adhesion with the second coating of paint, which gives the product it’s vibrant look and provides additional protection against extreme weather conditions, improving its longevity. MCMIL offers it’s pre-painted products in a variety of paint systems, including Regular Modified Polyester (RMP), Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), and Poly Vinyldene Fluoride (PVDF).

Manaksia Coated Metals & Industries Ltd. does colour coating on the following substrate metals:

Manaksia offers coils in addition to pre cut metal sheets to its customers with precise dimensional tolerances, in the form of multiple roofing profiles and well as plain sheets. The various profiles and sheets offered by us are:







Colour Coated Galvanised Steel Colour Coated Galvalume Colour Coated Plain Sheets
Thickness 0.16mm - 0.80mm 0.16mm - 0.80mm 0.16mm - 0.80mm
Width 750mm - 1250mm 750mm - 1250mm 750mm - 1250mm
Colours As per RAL catalogue As per RAL catalogue As per RAL catalogue
Coil weight/Pkt. Weight 3 - 8 MT 3 - 8 MT 4 MT (max)
Coil ID 508mm / 610mm 508mm / 610mm -
Sheet Length - - 1000 – 5180 mm
Primer (microns) Upto 8 microns or as per customer specifications
Back coat (microns) Upto 10 microns or as per customer specifications
Top coat (microns) Upto 25 microns or as per customer specifications
Guard Film (optional) 40 microns or as per customer specifications

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